• Developer: DoubleDutch Games
  • Co-developer/Publisher: tinyBuild GAMES
  • Beta Release: August 26 2013 (Early Access)
  • Final release: April 19 2016
  • Platform: Steam / Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Coming to Xbox One in 2016
4 heroes boost, jump and swing their way around the rooftops of New Rush City!
Keep up with the fastest runner or fall offscreen and get eliminated.
Last man running wins!
  • Local and Online multiplayer
  • Play Ranked games and join the global leaderboards!
  • Custom trails
  • Supports Gamepad and Keyboard
  • Play against friends or bots!
  • Use devious grappling hooks, missiles, meteorites and the powerful invinci-drill!
  • 16 unique multiplayer maps AND thousands of user-generated levels!
  • Thousands of User Created Levels in the Steam Workshop

With new characters, maps, items and features added every month!


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Indies Publishing Other Indies!

Originally developed by DoubleDutch Games and called “SpeedRunner HD”, the game released on Xbox Live Indie Games some time ago, with local multiplayer. The two indie studios decided to partner up and co-develop the game, where DoubleDutch handle all the core game design and code, while tinyBuild handles all visual/art and marketing aspects of the game.