BOID is a Class Based RTS about a Bio Organic Infestation Drone which crashlands on a planet, enabling its primitive life forms to mutate and develop special abilities. These life forms now have to fight for dominance. It’s a game about quick decisions and mutation. A Class-Based Multiplayer RTS.

  • Developed by Mokus Games
    (known for “Contre Jour” – Apple’s iPad GOTY 2011)
  • Published by tinyBuild GAMES
  • Coming to Steam July 8th with free multiplayer
  • Press Contact – [email protected]

BOID is a Class Based RTS

Units spawn only in Spawner bases, from which you take over Class bases to give units special abilities. You have full freedom of movement through the maps.

  • Move Anywhere On The Map (no restriction to moving from base to base)
  • 8 Distinctive Unit Types
  • Take Over A Class Base To Give Units Special Abilities
  • Includes Turrets! Everything is better with Turrets.
  • Featuring 3 Special Bases: Freeze, Revert, Teleport
  • BOID’s multiplayer is completely free
  • 10-hour long single-player available as DLC

A typical match consists of spawning with a handful of units, quickly deciding what your strategy is, and countering whatever your enemy is trying to do. The game focuses on short, intense rounds, making it accessible to players of varying skill levels. Special Abilities allow you to turn the odds on your opponent. Use Freeze to immobilize a group of enemies. Teleport into an enemy base, or Revert enemy units back to Basic ones, making them more vulnerable.

Unit Classes:


Venoms shoot poison that slowly kills enemy units. Better call a Medic support unit for help dealing with these.


The Scout is the fastest unit in BOID. It’s great for scouting and swarm attacks, but can be easily countered by Crabs and Kamikazes. 


Leech immobilizes units while draining life out of them. Moves slowly, effective in swarms.


Self destructs in close proximity of enemies. Can cause chain reaction of explosions. Best countered with the Gun.


A strong, heavy unit. Moves slowly. Getting the Scout and rushing into an enemy Crab base close to your enemy is a very good tactic. 


Guns are ranged attack units that are effective at countering slow moving targets


Medics are effective support units that don’t have their own attack. They can cure poisoned units, and are effective when following attack swarms.

See a full match in action

The embedded video to the right has a full boid match (starts 1 minute in), showing how you can use different tactics in this competitive RTS.

The match starts with a successful rush into the enemy base, passing by an NPC turret protecting it, and taking over an enemy Crab base with a bunch of Scouts. This gives an early advantage with powerful units behind enemy lines. Play the video for a full, explained in detail match. It gives you a good feeling for what BOID is like in action.

Transparent assets and stuff:

About the Development and Early Access

BOID launched in Early Access on Steam in January 2015 and since then has transformed into the game it is today. We have decided to make the multiplayer component of BOID completely free, and monetize it with in-game skins that don’t impact the gameplay, and by selling the single-player campaign as DLC. Everyone who bought the game during Early Access get the DLC for free.