Punch Club crossed $1m in sales, coming to Android on Jan 28

By January 18, 2016 Publishing

Fantastic news everyone!

Thanks to your fantastic support and love, Punch Club has just crossed $1m in sales across Steam, PC stores, and iOS. This is a great reason to reflect on the launch, and to share some upcoming plans.

Reflecting on the launch.

Mike wrote an extensive post mortem on the first hectic days of the launch. You can read it on Polygon. That sums up the chaos we experienced here. Between sleeping in shifts, panic-calling Valve to “HEY THE GAME IS BEATEN WE NEED TO LAUNCH”, coaching the Twitch Plays community on how to beat it effectively… it’s been weird! This is also in conjunction with preparing for PAX South. Which is a fulltime job.

I’m very happy with the launch, so thanks everyone for the support!

Now, exciting news:

Android (Google Play) will launch on January 28th. WOO!

We don’t fully know yet which devices will be supported. Expect top device support with no problems, however the UI was built in a way to scale well on normal aspect ratios. We’ve had scaling issues in the past, so please keep your expectations managed on device support.

An easy point of reference on supported devices — if your screen height (in landscape) is under 640 pixels, the game won’t run. We need those pixels to scale the UI properly. In portrait mode, we are talking about the width.

PAX South – Win Exclusive T-Shirts!

At PAX South we will be giving away exclusive T-Shirts that you can win by punching really hard! Come by to our super orange booth.

iOS Update coming very soon

Expect an iOS update very soon to match with the Steam version

Major content update in the works!

A ton of stuff didn’t get into the release version of Punch Club. This will be fixed. A large content update is in the works, adding additional story. It will take about a month and will be awesome.

You want consoles?

We’ll talk about that very soon!

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  • snake302

    Wow! Congrats!

  • Jay Gaming

    I would have paid $10 on iOS . Or how about selling an online guide for $5 to show me how to beat

    • Dracan

      It is on iOS what are u talking about… And u have alot of free guides on steam forums. All u had to do was use ur brain and type punch club ios or punch club guide in damn google.

      • Gray Games

        U do realize I said I would have paid $10 you know instead of $5 they were asking . It’s worth more than what they are asking. Take your childish bs somewhere else and read the comment . Ignorant

  • Scipione

    windows phone again not getting any love by this i assume ?

  • João augusto

    How i reduce the size from the interaction menu? Because this i cant go to work or do some train!!!

  • Rockngroll

    Hey there – I’m completely lost. Suddenly all my defense-skills were blocked in the fightmenu. See Screen. How can I activate them again? I play on iOS.

  • MerchantGhost

    Great game! Can’t wait for Android version. And maybe consoles, so I can own 3 versions? >.>

  • Marco Antonio

    Download Android???