SpeedRunners: Rise of the Falcon Out Now

By June 16, 2014 speedrunners

SpeedRunners just got a free expansion

The latest update to SpeedRunners almost doubles the amount of playable characters and expands the world. A world of conflict and vengeance.

The World of SpeedRunners

SpeedRunners takes place in New Rush City which is the stage for a reality TV show. All the contestants are drugged up on boostanoids and think they’re running towards solving crimes. While in reality they’re hamsters in wheels – running in circles and getting carried away in the action.

The world is explained in detail in the King of Speed Employee Handbook — this was revealed during our Christmas 2013 ARG titled “King of Speed”.

The ARG partially revealed what is going on in the world, and introduced a new feature – the ability to add modifiers to games (all items are spikes, you run super fast, etc). For more information, checkout the original ARG thread.  

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Rise of the Falcon

Rise of the Falcon is a free expansion of the SpeedRunners universe available to everyone who gets the game during Early Access. It introduces 4 new characters centered around a tale of vengeance.

After SpeedRunner repeatedly ignored all the fires started by Hothead, one of the citizens of New Rush City’s farm burned down. It was uncovered that the citizen believed he was breeding falcons, while they were simple chickens. Later the investigation found traces of a Boostanoids drug lab in the cellar.

The citizen — now referring to himself as The Falcon — assembled a team of unknown origin to bring justice to New Rush City. 

The Falcon

Blames SpeedRunners for his farm burning down. Likes breeding chickens even though he thinks they’re falcons. On a mission for vengeance and peckoning. 


Origin unknown


Origin unknown.


Motivation unclear

New Assets (also available on the official page)

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